Zoroz® Magnetic Septum Ring

$9.95 $34.95

Wear a septum ring without piercing your skin!

Magnetisches Septum Nasenpiercing – Stanbarry

Zoroz® Magnetic Septum Rings are made with high-quality stainless steel, which is skin-safe & does not tarnish! Our magnetic septum rings look exactly like normal septum rings, and don't require any piercings!


 Does it hurt to wear? 

- Nope! Our magnets won't pinch your skin!

Will it fall out?

- Nope! Our septum rings are built with powerful magnets!

Will it tarnish? How long can I wear it?

- Our stainless steel septum rings don't tarnish, and you could wear them 24/7 comfortably, even in the shower!